Friday, 3 February 2012

Form - Talking heads

The talking head narrative structure is where a person or a group of people are talking about something that relates to the audience watching immediately. The people on TV will be giving their opinions and will be everyday normal people talking about things, if what they are saying on the advert is good and everybody who features on the advert agrees then the audience at home will instantly find it believeable and agree. This narrative is mainly used and it looks so real like normal people just having a casual conversation about something, they're not always speaking directly to the camera, sometimes just to each other, so it looks like a clip of a conversation what we are just viewing. Talking heads adverts are really like asking questions yourself and then answering them.

An advert I have found featuring talking heads is from 2009 called Frosty Jack's.

This advert is advertising a drink by a man stood asking random people in a shopping center questions and them trying to answer them. They answer wrong everytime and then the advert tells us they are answering the questions wrong because they haven't tried Frosty Jack's, the drink. Basically saying everybody should drink this drink so they know things.